Windforge Wiki

The following is a list of achievements in Windforge.


Name Summary Tips
Meat Beater Kill something with a sausage. Use the vereinwurst to kill something.
Whale Crush Kill something with a whale. Strategically position yourself over a creature while you kill a whale.
Quick Learner Complete the tutorial chapter. This is a gimme.
Grease Monkey Repair your ship. Use the repair tool on something in your ship.
'Round The World Travel around the world. Horizontally. As soon as you go off the left/right side so that you appear on the other side you will get the achievement. You do NOT have to make a full circle of the world.
Kraken Hunter Kill a Kraken. They are in the lower third of the map, and aren't too hard if you have decent turrets.
Custom Killer Complete all Lars side quests. If you don't start the main questline and complete all of Lars' missions, the achievement won't pop until you do.
Vegetarian Beat the game without eating any meat. It's not too hard, just a pain.
Meatetarian Beat the game only eating meat. Annoying at the start, but once you can routinely slaughter whales, you'll have plenty of food.
Victorious! Beat the game. Super-gimme. Just play the game.
Strength Max out the strength stat. For all of these, just scuttle other ships to pay for trainers.
Vitality Max out the vitality stat. See Strength
Agility Max out the agility stat. See Strength
Wisdom Max out the wisdom stat. See Strength
Shipless Travel Travel between two towns without a ship. get 60+ wisdom, train an animal and ride that animal, or go to Walstrome with a scoped weapon and grappling gun. Equip the grappling gun and jump off. Wait until you are closer to another town on the map, and use the radio. You should get the achievement.
Cordeus Connoisseur Visit every area in the world Bit of a grind. Make sure your ship is decently powerful and you stock up on breathable gas tanks for the lower third of the map!
Defender of the Realm Defend Englestrome from the SOC attack. Gimme, just play the main quest.
Self-Made Millionaire Get a million dollars. ??? Scuttle ships? A million is a lot. See Tips for some other money methods
Aetherkin Archaeologist Get all the ancient Aetherkin tablets. Make sure to bring a gas mask for the lower third of the map, and build a sturdy ship to survive the meteors in the top third.
Free Falling Fall through a whole area. Start above the middle third, and jump. Try not to hit anything on the way down and go splat.
Leviathan's Tears Kill Leviathan Kill the named whale (part of the main quest sequence)
Mammon's Demise Kill Mammon Kill the named kraken (part of the main quest sequence)
Magnum Opus Compete the Magnum Opus Key. Again, part of the main quest sequence, near the end of the game.
Experimental Warfare Complete all Wilhelm side quests. There are only three and none are difficult.
Whale Friend Tame a Whale. Max out your Wisdom and grapnel onto the back of it.