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For NPC airships see: Airship (NPC).

In Windforge, players will take to the skies in fully buildable airships, as they embark on a journey of discovery and survival that will take them to the heart of the world and beyond. One can even use a sky whale corpse as a ship. The game includes airship battles.

Airships will require all of the following to fly:

Additionally a balloon can be added to provide buoyancy. This reduces the number of propellers and engines needed to stay in the air. However balloons are also large and fragile targets for enemies and meteors.

To be effective in combat an airship needs turrets which can be added to the sides.


Generally a small ship without balloons is more durable and maneuverable than a large ship with multiple balloons. Having a small ship allows you to evade enemy fire and fly more easily near and between islands. Early wooden-bronze ships are very fragile and it is advisable to replace propellers, engines and turrets with ones captured from enemies near the starting town as well as reconstructing the hull with late game metals. It is also advisable to avoid exterior doors in favor of hatches since doors are easily damaged by creatures in comparison to hatches.