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The balloon is an object attached to your ship to provide buoyancy, reducing the amount of propellers needed to keep afloat. Although designed to be placed on the top of an airship, they can be placed anywhere, even encased in armor to protect them. Balloons have high health, but because of their size and total lack of armor, they are very fragile.

There are three types of balloons:

  • The simple hot air balloons. These are the easiest to manufacture, but also provide the least lift.
  • The hydrogen balloons, which need hydrogen gas to be manufactured at a sewing station. Hydrogen balloons provide the most lift, but are very volatile and dangerous when damaged and will burst into flames damaging also other parts of the ship.
  • The helium balloons, which provide less lift than hydrogen balloons, but are safer.

Each 100 units of Buoyancy will provide lift for 1.0 units of weight, this applies to propeller thrust as well. Eg. Small Hydrogen Balloon can float 100 units of weight while Zeppelin Hydrogen Balloon lifts 300 units of weight. You can check your airship weight on your airship's information panel.


Name Mass HP Buoyancy
Small Hot Air Balloon 5.5 500 5000
Small Hydrogen Balloon 5.5 500 10000
Small Helium Balloon 5.5 500 9000
Zeppelin Hydrogen Balloon 6.7 1000 30000
Zeppelin Helium Balloon 6.7 1000 27000