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The basilisk is a creature in Windforge.


A basilisk is a creature similar to a dragon in appearance and capable of independent flight. They come in three types, classified according to their breath attacks: Fire, Acid and Poison. They also come in three sizes: small, medium and large. A small basilisk can be a danger to a inexperienced player, but easily killed by an airships weapons. However, a large basilisk is the size of a small airship and can easily tear up a metal airship and has health enough to rival a whale. Thus a large basilisk is usually too dangerous to be taken on by a player without high end equipment or advantageous conditions.

On death a basilisk will drop meat, that can be cooked, and scales, that can be used in crafting similarly to leather and cloth. A basilisk scales will give items created with it resistance to the element the basilisk belonged to. Large basilisks also drop Lifestone Fragments and likely will destroy a few blocks under their body when they die at moderate heights.