Windforge Wiki

1 unit of buoyancy counters 1 unit of lost Vertical Thrust. Neutral buoyancy occurs when your ship has a buoyancy 70 times its mass.

Buoyancy comes from balloons, cloudstone (armour plate or background) and blubber (blocks or background blocks, made using the Background Meat Block recipe). Balloons give large amounts of buoyancy, but are very fragile and can explode when damaged.

Item Buoyancy Mass
Small Helium Balloon 9000 5.5
Small Hydrogen Balloon 10000 5.5
Zeppelin Helium Balloon ? 6.7
Zeppelin Hydrogen Balloon 30000 6.7
Blubber Background 50 .3
Blubber Block 50 .3
Cloudstone Armor 100 .1
Cloudstone Background 10 .01