There are many "varied" locations within the world of Windforge

Layers and Drafts

Because the world of Windforge is one in which airships are the dominate form of transport, there are several layers and drafts to consider:

Atmospheric Layers
  • Upper Atmosphere
  • Wild Layer
  • Gas Layer
  • The Core
  • Luftart
  • Luftven
  • Tradewynde Route
  • Leviathan's Drift
  • E Upper Rim Slipstream
  • W Upper Rim slipstream


The majority of the populace of Cordeaus is located in its four cities. Each city is unique and varied, and serves its own purpose within the world.


Predominant feature (s): Located in the layer affected by meteorites, but none fall in the city. Large collections of Whale Oil tanks that explode nicely (at your own risk). Airship merchant that sells advanced airship equipment. At the other end of the city is a merchant that sells all the components a whale produces.

Tutors - All spread out here, little hard to find.

  • Agility 40 - Lower right side of the docking wharf.
  • Strength 60 - In the lower part of the lighthouse at the top.
  • Wisdom 60 - Left building between the 2 bridges. Just about in the dead center of town.
  • Vitality 100 - In the building on the wharf just right of the harbor master.


Predominant Feature (s): Most of the shops have lower tier gear you probably already have by the time you get here, but there is a black market with special items if you go far enough down. You can also find the 100 Strength trainer here, 1/2 way down just above and left of the armor shop.


Predominant Feature (s): Shop (Lars) where some advanced weapons and armors tend to be sold. Location of one of the Temples to create the Key.

Tutors- The tutors here are spread throughout the (thankfully) small town, with the hardest to find being the agility tutor at the top of the clock tower, who is easy to miss only if you don't pay attention or read this wonderful wiki.

  • Vitality 40- At top of stairs in the food store, past the clock tower from the wharf.
  • Strength 60- first house encountered, just inside the door.
  • Wisdom 60- Top floor of Apothecary at the furthest right edge of town.
  • Agility 100- At the top of the clock tower near the center of town.


Predominant Feature (s): First city you encounter. Large castle on one end.

Tutors- The tutors here are mostly clustered right under the bridge to the city just right of the harbor master, with the exception of the wisdom tutor who is in the academy next to Thora.

  • Strength 40- In a building just below and to the right of the Agility tutor.
  • Agility 60- Directly under the dock on a small platform.
  • Vitality 60- In a building just below and to the LEFT of the Agility tutor.
  • Wisdom 100- Located pretty much right next to Thora.


Temple of Language

Temple theme: Tutorial
Boss Attack: Medium Acid Basilisk
Tablet Recipe: None/Thora's ability to read other tablets
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse.

Comments: This is the temple you you raid in the tutorial. The boss is not a typical boss, it is a basic medium Acid Basilisk. Make sure you fully explore this temple before you gather the tablet to maximize the Iron and copper. Also make sure to grab the Hunting Rifle in the Basilisk "den" before you leave.

Temple of Fire

Temple Theme: Easy to complete with no special equipment
Boss Attack: Red Laser attack used by turrets. Has both a single target and an alternate "burst" effect
Tablet Recipe: Firestone Ingot
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to sand and collapse.

Comments: This is probably the second and first real temple you will raid. It is easy to complete with only regular blue bullet turrets and weak SOC guards. It likely will be located close to the first city you start in. this is a great source of sand for you to visit later if you need it.

Temple of Vision

Temple Theme: Get out fast
Boss Attack: Energy attack that creates Iron spikes when it hits a horizontal surface.
Tablet Recipe: Location of Temple of Stillness and Gravity Temple
Temple Self Destruct: Surfaces convert to Iron, and Iron Spikes erupt from them.

Comments: This is probably the first temple you will encounter with the Wave Turrets.

Alteration Temple

Temple Theme: Tougher SOC
Boss Attack: Energy beam that shoots out in either individual balls or can be built up to make a wall. When building up it circles the boss.
Tablet Recipe: Vulcan Steel Ingot
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse

Comments: Other than the introduction of the red laser turrets and slightly tougher SOC agents, this temple is pretty straight forward. Probably the next temple you will visit after the fire temple.

Temple of Stillness

Temple Theme: Spikey Pain
Boss Attack: Direct attack is a fireball that explodes on impact with a surface. Area effect is a curtain of fire.
Tablet Recipe: Jade Steel Ingot.
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse.

Comments: This is one of the two side temples you will get from the Temple of Vision tablet. This temple is not required for completion of the main story. Most horizontal surfaces in this temple are covered in iron spikes. You can either bring a lot of healing items and run over them, or use the jackhammer to "vacuum" them up.

Gravity Temple

Temple Theme: Gas! Gas! Gas!
Boss Attack: Green Laser attack. In addition to damage like the red laser, it gives you poison damage over time.
Tablet Recipe: Cloudstone Ingot.
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to hot iron, which causes fire damage on contact.

Comments: This is one of the two temples you will get from the Temple of vision tablet. This temple is not required for the main story line. This is probably the first temple you will encounter in the poison gas layer. Make sure you bring at least a gas mask. You will find berries inside that replenish your O2, but it is advisable to bring your own renewable air tanks just in case. Most of the temple is safe to breath in... until you puncture the wall. Once a breach is made, the area will slowly fill with gas. It can be stopped by doors and hatches, so you can contain a breach that way.

Temple of Separation

Temple Theme: Clouds
Boss Attack: Swirly fire that tracks you
Tablet Recipe: Vibroknife.
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to acid.

Comments: Very thing walls that are easily destroyed by the turrets and boss. Found in Leviathan's Drift or Tradewynde Route.

Driftstone fortress

Temple Theme: Escape
Boss Attack: There is a non traditional boss here. An SOC agent with a Gatling gun will drop a lifestone fragment.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: none

Comments: [spoilers] This is a fortress made out of the Driftstone material popular with SOC ships. You will appear in this temple with none of your gear. It is located above you, past the exit to your airship. The boss is located on the opposite side of the temple. The temple is somewhere in between a city and a traditional temple. Like a city, it does not self destruct and does not have a "boss". Like a temple, you can get lots of important artifacts here.

  • How to escape from your cell. You can drop out of the hole in your cell and plummet to your death. Then you will appear in the nearest city with your airship, but none of your gear (unless you stashed it on the ship before). The more linear way would be to break down the door to your cell. Then either fight the guard or trick them into falling out of the bottom of your cell. You can get some materials for gear by destroying the sink and bed in your cell.
  • How to escape the prison. Presuming you didnt fall out of the hole as above, you will still need to escape the prison when you escape your cell. The first thing to do would be to go immediately right and enter the barracks. You can trick the guard into giving you enough room to reach the first box on the floor, which should have a weapon and ammo. Now you should have enough firepower to either reach your ship (where you could have stashed your gear ahead of time) or to get to the box with your gear in it above the exit to your airship. The exit to the airship is above and to the left. Your gear is above that behind a locked door.
  • What to do next. After you have secured your gear and your airship, you could simply leave. That would be a mistake. You most likely have a lot of firepower compared to the SOC guards (even the boss) and there can be some very valuable things in this fortress. There are bookshelves throughout that can have recipes or lifestone fragments. The Boss also drops a lifestone fragment. Above the boss's chambers are three chests which can drop lifestone fragments, useful metal (iron, steel, titanium. Most importantly, behind two locked doors in this temple are exactly enough material to construct the Vulcan Forge. You may wish to flee far enough from the fortress to trigger the message that you have escaped, so that you can respawn at a town if you die. If you wish to skip fighting your way to the boss's chamber through the fortress, there is an entrance on the outside between the two blue turrets on the east side of the temple.

Temple of Waves

Temple Theme: Green Lasers
Boss Attack: Boss has a single target attack. It's a green energy ball that bounces along the ground. The area effect is a rapid fire laser attack in a spiral pattern.
Tablet Recipe: Aetherkin Wave Gun
Temple Self Destruct: Walls (rapidly) turn to sand and collapse. Be careful, as this can have a negative impact on frame rates.

Comments: This temple is discovered via exploration, it is found in The Luftvein. This temple is likely the first you will find this way, as it tends to spawn on the paths you take to other towns. You only need to be in the same square as the temple for it to be marked on your map, you do not actually need to find the temple itself. This temple has a unique turret that fires green lasers. Unlike the Gravity Temple boss attack, these do not cause poison damage. Instead of piercing walls like the red lasers, these lasers ricochet off surfaces.

Temple of Retribution

Temple Theme: Centrally located
Boss Attack: Boss has a single target attack that creates a vertical sheet of fire. His burst attack is similar but goes in all directions.
Tablet Recipe: Aetherkin Sniper Rifle
Temple Self Destruct: Walls disintegrate to nothing.

Comments: This temple is discovered via exploration, it is found in the Luftart. This temple is completely empty of turrets and SOC agents. This is because it is always located along the Luftart. While the walls will regenerate rapidly, they will not do so fast enough to keep you safe along the outer edges of this temple.

Temple of Reflection

Temple Theme: Airship Battle
Boss Attack: Boss has a single target three blue energy ball shotgun effect. Boss also appears to set nearby objects on fire.
Tablet Recipe: Aetherkin Reflection Rifle
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to hot iron and flames drip from them.

Comments: This temple is discovered via exploration, it is found in W. Upper Rim Slipstream or E. Upper Rim Slipstream. This temple is clearly designed with the idea that you will fight the physically large boss with your airship. It is just the boss area of the temple surrounded by walls that regenerate. An impact turret can be useful here to damage the boss through the regenerating walls, which lets you stay clear of his burning effect. However, killing the boss inside the temple means you have to be inside when it self destructs, and your exit will likely have regenerated.

As variant use adamantium knife or vibro knife to drop inside and impact rotary gun to kill boss. Big boss is hard to miss and his attacks are meant for a ship and can be easy dodged.

Temple of Grieving

Temple Theme: Hot Iron
Boss Attack: Boss does a reflective red laser as its single target and burst red lasers as its area effect.
Tablet Recipe: Aetherkin Heavy Blaster
Temple Self Destruct: Walls disintegrate to nothing.

Comments: This temple is discovered via exploration, it is found in The Core. The most prominent feature of this temple is that the surfaces are all made of hot iron. Like other places you have seen this, it sparks on impact, explodes on destruction, and burns on contact. Bring armor that reduces elemental damage and lots of healing items. Luckily the green reflective turrets here do not cause sparks, but the wave turrets do. You can use its properties to your advantage to destroy the turrets, as it often causes more damage than most weapons do. There are some safe places to stand, like hatches and some platforms, but if you need a quick place to heal you can hang yourself from an open place on the ceiling.


Temple Theme: Well, well, well...
Boss Attack: Blue energy laser. Non standard boss described below.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse.

Comments: Like the other four temples for the key, this is a pretty non standard temple. There isn't even much to it. Located below the well in Alderstein (dig down), you activate the device inside to trigger the boss. Talk to Thora about the temple to learn how to activate the device. Once activated, the walls turn to blubber and meat blocks, and the boss spawns. The boss is a giant beetle that fires a single laser like blue beam. Physical contact with the boss also causes mild poison damage. Like most beetles, the upper shell will reflect bullets. Fortunately, the boss likes to stay high, so as long as you stay low that wont really be an issue. To make things a little more complicated, the meat blocks will continuously fall during the fight, causing damage on impact. Fortunately, a lot of the blubber and meat blocks will remain after the fight, giving a rather lucrative reason to brave the disintegrating temple. Since this is a town, much of this will remain when you enter and leave the area.


Temple Theme: Moby Dick with FIRE!
Boss Attack: Whale Rammming.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse. Details below.

Comments: Like the other four temples for the key, this is a pretty non standard temple. Typically located in the upper layers, this temple can be hard on an airship. The fist issue is the normal fire rain you have to deal with. The second issue is that the boss causes this area to generate fireballs much like the core. Unlike the core, however, the fireballs will travel in the same direction as the boss until they hit something, even if the boss is not attacking you. When the boss is dead, the fireballs will resume rising upwards just like the core area. The boss is the Leviathan (a much larger version of the other whales)located in a central area surrounded by small islands. Like all whales, its primary attack is to ram you. Unlike other whales, you will not be rewarded with any blubber or meat blocks. The body of the boss becomes a fixed object on its death(like an island) and turns to dirt. Within the whale's corpse is a triangle generated in the head of the Leviathan made of ruin blocks.


Temple Theme: Acid
Boss Attack: Ramming. Acid ball that explodes in a rain of acid. Contact with the acid will cause a damage over time effect.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: Temple disintegrates into nothing

Comments: Like the other four temples for the key, this is a pretty non standard temple. This temple is located in the lower layer, so be prepared. The temple is fairly straight forward, though most of the temple is a large area dedicated to the boss. The boss is an enormous violet Basilisk. The boss has a lot of HP, so you can expect a large amount of damage to the temple itself from the acid attacks before combat is over. Before you leave, adamantium and sulfur are very common on the lower layer, so if you have time between acid beetle attacks you may want to look around.


Temple Theme: Moby Kraken
Boss Attack: Ramming. Also added is an electrical attack described below.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: Walls turn to dirt and collapse. Details below.

Comments: Like the other four temples for the key, this is a pretty non standard temple. Typically located in the lower layers, this temple will require at least an air purifier. The boss has the normal ram and tentacle attack that most Kraken employ. However this boss also has an electrical attack that can devastate electronics. It does not seem to have an effect on non electrical objects like the hull itself. However on impact from the single ray, energy will travel along the surface it strikes. Anything electronic like guns, engines, propellers, ect will take massive damage. Be wary of any hull breaches that may allow penetration to internal components. Unlike other Kraken, you will not be rewarded with any blubber, shell, or meat blocks. The body of the boss becomes a fixed object on its death(like an island) and turns to dirt. The only part that stays is the eye area, which is made of stone. Nearby the boss is a small temple area that should have two chests.

Temple of Cordeus

Temple Theme: End Game [spoilers follow]
Boss Attack: To much for a short description here.
Tablet Recipe: none
Temple Self Destruct: None, though the turrets and doors/hatches will self destruct as if the temple was.

Comments: This is the final temple. Make sure you take everything you can find in here since you will not be able to enter again once you leave. this place is a great source of rare metals. Also, save in a separate file before you enter. Like the Driftstone fortress death here will require a Load. Return to Town is not available. The first thing of note is a new turret. The red turrets here will generate a beam that follows you until it impacts an object. Luckily the turn radius is fairly poor, so a nice right angled corner works to disburse them on the walls. The next thing is that all of the kings guards are using different versions of Aetherkin Wave guns. Usually the red laser variety. Finally, the boss fight. There are two stages. Stage one is much like you have seen before, but with more modes of attack. The boss can fire the red lasers that follow you. He can also generate a field around him that absorbs everything, including your bullets, and eventually throws them all back into the room in a burst. Dont fire on him when this is up. You cant hurt him and you are only making it worse. At some point the boss will break into two halves. The legs will usually rush at you while the boss continues what he was doing before. Luckily the legs are fairly easy to kill. Once the boss is dead, a exit portal and a design made of platforms will form around his corpse. It wont hurt you, but it will cause massive damage to the temple itself. Salvage what you can/want from the temple and leave. The splash screen will end the story line for you.

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