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Crafting stations are required to craft higher level items than what are available with the standard tool kit that your character has on them at all times. Crafting tables can be crafted, and are not affected by the Wisdom's quality attributes when crafted, or bought from merchants. Crafting stations have to be placed before they can be used.

Station Overview[]

Station Weight Buy Price Sell Price Notes
Metal Working Station 3 884 221 A crafting station that specializes in working with metal.
Chemistry Station 2 167 42 Chemistry stations are commonly used to produce chemicals.
Smelting Furnace 10 112 28 A smelting furnace. Although this is normally used for refining raw ores, if you are careful, you can also cook your food with it.
Work Station 2 64 16 A workstation outfitted with tools for fabricating a wide range of objects.
Machine Shop 3 3877 970 A crafting station commonly used to make machinery.
Sewing Machine 2 1804 451 A sewing machine. Great for making with clothes and working with cloth.