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Engelstrome is one of the four major cities in Cordeaus. It is the first city the player encounters and many quests take place in this city.


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Dock Master:

  • 1


  • 2 Strength Trainer, max 40
  • 3 Agility Trainer, max 60
  • 4 Vitality Trainer, max 60
  • 8 Wisdom Trainer, max 100


  • 5 Englestrome Apothacary
  • 6 Englestrome Arms and Ammo
  • 9 Englestrome Gallery
  • 10 Imperial Amour Depot
  • 11 Englestrome General Store

Quest NPCs:

  • 7 Thora
  • 12 Walther
  • 13 Wilhelm
  • 14 King Sigmund


Warning: May contain spoilers.

Cordeus is highly dependent on refined Sky Whale oil. As a result everyone hunts Sky Whales, causing the population to drop rapidly. To ensure future survival a new source of energy is needed. The Aetherkin had a source of energy that could supply this, but research related to this is strictly forbidden. You have been hired by Thora to collect information about this anyway.

As a result, after a while the Servants of Cordeus (SOC) decide to attack the city because it is supporting the by them forbidden research. You manage to stop the incoming attack, after which the main fleet of Engelstrome can be mobilized. This fleet is about equally strong as SOCs fleet. To prevent a long war King Sigmund orders you to gather ingredients for the Magnum Opus, something that will help them win the war.

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