Windforge Wiki


Name Weight Effect Description
Butterball .1 Restore HP: 5 A cluster of delicious buttery berries.
Fist Nut .1 Restore HP: 10 The meaty fist sized nut of a fist nut tree.
Healing Balm .1 Restore HP: 50 This is a Healing Balm.
Meat Loaf .1 Restore HP: 25 This is a Meat Loaf.
Cooked Basilisk Meat .1 Restore HP: 15 This is a Cooked Basilisk Meat.

Meds & Misc[]

Name Weight Effect Description
Breathable Air Tank .1 N\A A tank of compressed breathable air. Use it to regain your air supply.
Antidote .1 N\A This is an antidote for most poisons and other negative effects.