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Sky whales are giant flying creatures found in Windforge. One can even use a sky whale corpse as an airship.

Whales are otherwise peaceful and will not attack the player, but when attacked themselves will become hostile. Whales attack by ramming and a human will surely be crushed to death if caught between a whale and a hard place. They can also ram through metal and even whole sky isles. A fast ship however can outrun a charging whale and they're unable to harm the player while they're on the back of the whale. A whale is a dangerous opponent with an high amount of health, so it is not advisable to take on a whale unprepared and without large amount of ammunition.Grinders can be used to kill whales with ease when used corectly

On death a whale corpse will drop down, hopefully on a island, and will become a pseudo-airship without propellers, so it can continue to fall if dislodged from its resting place. A whale corpse can also be 'mined' for meat blocks and blubber block. The former can be used as a building block or cooked into meat loaf, the latter can be converted to oil which is used for making engines and other items. Killing whales can be a decent source of income. Derived products, like oil, from the whale are generally more valuable than the raw blocks themselves. Note that like an airship, it can be 'mined' with the dismantle tool, allowing one to 'mine' the corpse in relative safety. Also, 'mining' the corpse tends to bring many monsters around, especially the basilisks.

The tan Sky Whales in the upper layer contain much more blubber than the blue from the mid layer.

Taming Whales[]

Taming whales is quite simple, but requires high Wisdom. To tame a whale raise the Wisdom Stat to level 60 or more, then grapple to its back and remain mounted for a short period of time. A message will display upon successful taming. "Driving" the whale is also rather simple, though takes getting used to. The whale will follow the mouse, regardless of obstacles or foes in its path.

Whale Mining[]

Whale mining is a means of collecting resources using a tamed Sky Whale. By directing the Whale to repeatedly ram into a sky island, one can carve out vast tracts relatively quickly, with no cost to ammunition, no repair times, and furthermore gain meat and blubber when the whale dies from falling sand or gravel. This requires high Wisdom (60 or more) to do, but can lead to massive payouts.

Whale Hunting Tips[]

  • "Maintain your distance." Their ramming attack can severely damage your ship and disable most weapons systems.
  • "Circle over isles." Your main aim for hunting whales is to get their corpse and mine it. Blubber and it's application as oil is valuable enough to risk some damage and meat is most useful for your healing.
  • "Blue whales are easier prey then grey ones." You should start hunting for blue ones first for their meat and blubber, but if you are hungry for oil you should aim for the grey ones. They are tougher ones though, so don't underestimate them.


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