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Stats in Windforge are a numerical representation of your abilities apparently based on a Milestone system. Until a milestone is reached the bonus for increasing a stat is not active. Once reached that bonus is permanent. For example, increasing your Agility stat to level 20 (the first milestone) allows you to wall jump. Further milestones allow greater abilities, and create a more powerful character. Milestones are marked by the lights under the level bar when viewing the Stats screen from the [TAB] menu. Stats (including any bonus from equipment) are capped at 100.


Agility Stat measures the characters ability to move around the world, permitting greater vertical mobility and footspeed.

Agility Milestones[]

20 - Jumps Off Walls (walljumping)
40 - Break Fall (halves fall damage)
60 - Double Jump (double jump)
80 - Super Jump (powerful jump)
100- Quadruple Jump (quadruple jump)


Strength Stat affects characters melee damage and range, mining speed and give the player the ability to use heavy weapons better.

Strength Milestones[]

20 - Double Knockback (melee)
40 - Fast Mining (Jackhammer speed)
60 - Aim Heavy Weapons (aim in every direction)
80 - Melee Block Damage (increases damage on blocks)
100- Power Strike (increases range on melee weapons by double or more)


Wisdom affects ship control and speed, as well as crafting and sales prices. High Wisdom is needed to tame various creatures around the world. Wisdom may be the singularly most useful stat of all. Using Wisdom can be one of the most efficient mining means in the game via "Whale Mining".

Wisdom Milestones[]

20 - Pilot (ship speed/control)
40 - Expert Crafting (quality crafting) - a 15% bonus to the primary attribute of the item (ie weapon damage, armor, thrust, power supplied) Name changes to Quality X on applicable recipes.)
60 - Beast Tamer (required to tame small and medium semi-intelligent animals)
80 - Beast Master (required to tame large semi-intelligent animals)
100- Master crafting (craft master items) - this a 30% bonus to the primary attribute of the item. Name changes to Master Craft X on applicable recipes.)


Health points and carrying capacity.

Vitality Milestones[]

20 - Improved Digestion (+50% HP from Food, e.g. A Fist Nut will heal 15 instead of 10.)
40 - Improved Endurance (+100 carry capacity)
60 - Pain Tolerance (HP regeneration up to 33%)
80 - Massive Endurance (+100 carry capacity)
100- Health Regeneration (HP regeneration to 100%)

Improving Stats[]

Increasing stats requires visiting a tutor/trainer or making Aetherkin potions. Tutors are expensive and nowhere near as effective as potions, but potions can only be made with Lifestone gems, meaning that not only are they generally limited in number, but also that they can be difficult to come across, especially with low stats. Trainers occur 4 to a city with varying teaching ability. Level 100 trainers can teach from level 0 - 100, so for now they will be listed here, though all the trainers are being updated into the Locations page for when you happen to be visiting a town and need a quick stat raise. Stat raises cost the target level * 100 for the next point. Saving these potions to get you from 80 to 100 is much larger savings than using them at lower levels.

Level 100 Trainer Locations[]

Wisdom - In Englestrome, in the academy. Pretty much right next to Thora.
Strength - In Wurstien on a small island on the left side going down towards the slums.
Vitality - In Walstrome in the building on the wharf left hand side.
Agility - In Alderstein at the top of the clock tower.

WIP by Eranderil Nix Grey, Not all info may be accurate as of yet, if you notice something amiss, please correct me.
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