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Wurstein is one of the four major cities in Cordeaus.


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Dock Master:

  • 2


  • 3 Vitality Trainer, max 60
  • 5 Agility Trainer, max 60
  • 6 Strength Trainer, max 100
  • 10 Wisdom Trainer, max 40


  • 1 Wurstein Weapons Emporium
  • 2 Wurstein Alchemical Depot
  • 4 The Best of the Wurst
  • 7 A Thicker Skin
  • 8 The Black Mantis

Quest NPCs:

  • 9 Merchant of Clouds


Warning: May contain spoilers.

Some of the Aetherkin research describes a fire stone that produces a great amount of energy. However to create the fire stone you need a block that can withstand that heat. However to create the block to withstand that heat you need the fire stone. In other words, you already need some materials to get started. Unfortunately the Servants of Cordeus (SOC) confiscate all items related to Aetherkin. So in order to get some you hope to buy some from the Merchant of Clouds.

Unfortunately when dealing with the Merchant of Clouds you discover that he sold you out to the SOC.

Warning: More Spoilers. After giving the ingredients to the king, He sends you to Wurstein to find Karin as she is an SOC agent and she should not be allowed to move freely. When getting to Wurstein and finding Karin in one of the circle buildings west of the Blackmarket, She explains that she it was not her intention to sell you out but the MoC (Merchant of Clouds) trap and after a bit more of an explanation the gas level rises and swallows Wurstein, She asks you to go stop the king and to help her save her people.

However even after finishing the story the city of Wurstein is still enveloped in gas and it is unsure if there is a way to fix it.

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